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Debit Card & ATM Processing

  • Costs less to process
  • Funds are guaranteed
  • Receive your money faster

Debit/ATM cards work with the same ease as credit cards and allow customers to deduct funds for purchases from their bank account, usually their checking account. True debit cards require a PIN number to be entered before a purchase can be complete. Many people refer to the Visa/MasterCard Check Cards as Debit cards since they do the same as true Debit cards, except for the fact these check cards do not require a PIN number to make purchases. You can easily identify check cards as they will have the familiar Visa or MasterCard logos on them.

The process works just like accepting credit cards except when you enter in the customers debit card information, the amount to cover the purchase is deducted from the customers' bank account.

Generally, processing companies charge you a Debit Transaction Fee, plus the interchange, which varies depending on the Network used. PIN based Debit requires a PIN pad.

Here is a few reasons to accept ATM/Debit Cards:

  • Guaranteed payments, each and every time a ATM/Debit card is used and approved.
  • Reduces transaction expense.
  • Decreases the need to pay by check, resulting in faster checkout and fewer check-related issues, such as fraud and insufficient funds.
  • Increases customer convenience by offering cash back - reduces the consumer's need to stop elsewhere for cash.
  • Increases the average ticket.
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