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Services We Offer:

Physician Claim Solutions... click here
TakeCharge offers physicians cost-effective, user-friendly solutions that can eliminate eligibility losses, minimize claims resubmissions and allow electronic routing to most payors.

Credit Card and Merchant Services... click here
TakeCharge offers a competetive edge on the Credit Card processing need of our customers. We are dedicated to insure great customer service 24/7, which includes a regional representative. No matter how big or small you are, with TakeCharge YOU are our main priority.

Computer Credit Card Software... click here
TakeCharge wants to save you time and money with our transaction processing software. Whatever your situation, we have software suited for your needs, making it easier than ever to accept credit cards, debit cards and checks.

Debit Card and ATM Processing... click here
TakeCharge offers excellent services for Debit/ATM cards, which work with the same ease as credit cards and allow customers to deduct funds for purchases from their bank account, usually their checking account.

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Credit Card and Merchant Services... read more
Computer Credit Card Software... read more
Debit Card and ATM Processing... read more